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Traseu 1

Cenade: Take on the challenges!

  • Do you like to find solutions to complicated problems or simple riddles?

  • To duel in words and get everything you want?

  • Find out what you can do best and compete?

It starts on the Cenade-Blaj route, following in the footsteps of Ion Agârbiceanu and his character, Ionică Albu, the hero from "Licean ... once upon a time". Learn to organize, to focus, to succeed!

Traseu 2

Until:  Face to face!  Laugh and don't be afraid!

  • Do you enjoy word games and role-playing?

  • Want to get to know your fears better and overcome them?

The Blaj-Pănade-Blaj journey, in the footsteps of Timotei Cipariu and Ion Brad, invites you to discover how to use the secret words and weapons of persuasion, to convince others to do what you want or, on the contrary, to overcome your fears and don't be fooled! Embark on a bicycle adventure, on Lake Galos and back through Petrisat, discover what life in the country looks like, in unexpected places, with shepherds, farmers and seamstresses!

Bucerdea:  Together to the end!

  • Do you enjoy childhood games, from squats to exathlons and relay races?

  • Do you like stories?

  • Want to know how you can always be a winner, even when you lose?

Start an obstacle course, through the Bucerzii forest to the village roads, following in the footsteps of Mihai Eminescu and Ioan Maiorescu. Overcome obstacles, along with others!

Traseu 3

Rădești: Challenged to choose!

  • Do you like scout games? Can you withstand difficult tests and a long bike ride?

  • Do you view history as an adventure novel from which you can always learn something?

  • You also want to know more about evangelical parables and their connection to the world  our daily life?

Then the Blaj-Rădești route, in the footsteps of Bishop Demetriu Radu, is for you!

Traseu 4
Bucerdea Tower
11 Aug 2020, 19:00
Grainy Bucerdea,
Bucerdea Grânoasă, Romania

Obreja: When you can't ... you can!

If you like  nature and sports, you want to discover flower-filled meadows around Blaj and rediscover yourself in the tranquility of nature, but also find out what are the inner springs to overcome extreme situations - as was the communist persecution for those of your grandparents' generation, then the Blaj-Obreja route is for you.

Traseu 5
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